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Company Information

This company, set up in January 1982 by Mr. Alberto Merchiori, focused on Inkjet inks, marking inks, and packaging products (stencil, staples, tapes, film, dispensers, etc.). We have been making various kinds of inks and inkjet printers since then serving customers all over the world for distribution of packaging materials and machines. This business can be categorized: Manufacturing, Service, and Wholesale Distribution. We are the distributor of many famous brands.


1.    MSSC LLC -- Marking, Stencil, Sealing, coding


2.   FASCO America -- tools, parts and fasteners manufactured by The BECK Fastener Group®.


3.   Inteplast Group--AmTopp Stretch Film


4.   Shurtape—Provide various kinds of tapes serving -- Manufacturing & Industry, Packaging Solutions, Building & Construction, Arts & Entertainment, Transportation


5.   International Paper—provide various paper or board.